Map of Ascent

Map of Ascent, post the Great Flood.

Aestera, The Old World

Half-mile wide asteroid wiped out most life in the Old World. All that remain are legends, stories, and some artifacts of a more advanced civilization.


Oldest nation in the world and birthplace of the Keepers of the Song. Now it is largely isolated and its leadership is paranoid

The Shattered Isles

Formerly the nation of Aerth and the second oldest nation in the world with the most advanced technology. First to expand across the world. Now known as the Shattered Isles. Too treacherous to navigate by boat, only flight bound navigation is possible. Dragons can control seasonal changes in the isles, different islands have different climates.

Westera, The Western Common Lands


During the Great Age it was used for manufacturing, experimentation, and industry. Heavily damaged by the Storm of Fire and Great Flood, it was abandoned and claimed by unknown forces. Only a few large cities remain, isolated from the outside world.


Formerly the frontier of the West, it is now a beacon of light in an otherwise darkened world. At its heart if the City of Melodies, an Ecumene fort already built when it was discovered by settlers, used to establish their new home.


The Grave Shore,

Formerly known as the Divide, it used to be tropical with tall mountains and lush vegetation and a few volcanic deserts. It was heavily desecrated during the Great Flood and has since become a graveyard of ships that were destroyed while attempting to flee. Currently belongs to the Starborn Queen and her kin.


The southern island, a colony of Raestor, over the past Cycle it has been slowly converted into a slave nation and resource colony for the main nation.

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