“The first Cycle was one of Blood. The second was of Stars. Then came the Storm of Fire and the Great Flood. Now, the third Cycle has yet to pass, but it may be the last one we endure.”

The high-fantasy world of Ascent is a place of cosmic powers and creatures, where arcane energy siphons from the stars and infuses the very fabric of space-time. Mastery of the arcane arts had allowed the Four Nations to flourish with technology and industry. But dangerous use of magic is also what lead to the Calamity and enabled the greatest threat Ascent has ever known: planetary extinction.

As groups debate how to protect the planet from the looming asteroidal bombardment, factions of fiends and monsters advance on the crippled walls of civilization, and the extraterrestrial dragons, known as the Elders, play with reality-bending powers beyond even their immortal understanding.

The only hope for civilization is in adventurers and explorers. Ancient technology is hidden in the ruins of the old Aerth nation. The key to decrypting the secrets of ascending to the stars are shrouded in the mysteries of the Void. Weapons of immense power are dormant in the layer worlds surrounding Ascent. These assets and more must be retrieved and used to defend Ascent from threats in the world and above.

Choose your own path, defend our world, and unlock the secrets of Ascension.